Brooklynn Long

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It’s October! You know what that means? Hyper kids that had too much candy! And Halloween… Ok, now let’s talk about Halloween traditions. Since I can’t talk to you personally, I will just tell my my traditions. Every year for Halloween, my family and I watch this show called “The Neighbors,” where these aliens come to Earth and don’t know anything about it. When Halloween rolls around, the aliens try to learn more about it. Long story short, one of the characters called Halloween, “Halloween-ween,” And my family and I continue to call it Halloween-ween. I can’t even sing “This Is Halloween” right. Every time I have to sing, “This is Halloween-ween.”

I’m not even joking, I was in choir and we played “This Is Halloween” and I sang, “This is Halloween-ween,” and everyone just stared at me. I guess I really don’t have many Halloween-ween traditions. But, to be honest, Halloween-ween is my least favorite holiday.I don’t really know why. I guess it’s because of all of the hyperactive kids who can’t tell the difference between talking and screaming so loud China could hear you.