Germs on your phone?

Mallory Johnson

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Could your phone have germs on it that could harm you? Turns out your phone does. Your phone is 10 times more germs than a toilet seat. Your hand is full of your germs and when you touch your screen, the germs transfer. Don’t worry most of the germs won’t harm you. There are just a few that might concern you. Scientist have found Streptococcus, MRSA, and even E. coli on phone screens. The chances aren’t high. Unless they enter your system, they are not a automatic sickness. Some ways to avoid these germs and sicknesses are to not use a person’s phone that is sick or has been sick. Another way is to keep your phone away from the bathroom. If you wipe your phone with microfiber cloth, it will remove a lot of the germs. You can even add water or rubbing alcohol for a deeper clean. You also can wash your hands several times a day. These were just a few ways to keep you from getting sick.