Disney Rollercoaster Critic, Epcot

Mallory Johnson

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Test Track

There are not many rides in Epcot. This is a really good ride. You get to design your own car. Then, you get into a fake car and test your design. The best part is when your testing speed. It is the fastest ride in Disney World and has a max speed of 65 mph.

Frozen Ever After

A great thing for Frozen fans and little kids.

Living With The Land

This ride is agricultural. It is educational, but it is a nice long break from walking. It teaches you about problems and what Disney is doing with those problems. It talks about growing crops and new techniques. It’s a good lesson.


You are flying over famous parts of the world. It is very cool.

Spaceship Earth

If you don’t like small spaces, do not ride this ride! You are closed in capsule and it is so bad, they have barf bags in there. There are two different levels. You should try Earth because it isn’t as intense, but even level Earth makes me dizzy.