What Are Your Fears?

Jenna Herrin, Reporter

I, myself, know for sure that I’m afraid of many things, but what about everyone else? I know some people who claim to not be afraid of anything, but you can never know whether it’s the truth or not.

Some common fears are of bugs and heights. I even have a grave fear of sand dollars, living and dead. Yes, I know, it’s lame, but we all have our reasons.  My cousin, Kali, is terrified of noses. Personally, I think that fear is stupid, but hey, mine are pretty dumb, too.

 Olivia Childress, a staff member, states that she is terrified of those creepy clowns you see in the circus, or, well, any for that matter. Another member, Brooklynn Long, used to have a fear of swings. Even Emily Williams has a fear of crowds. A person who wishes to remain anonymous has a large fear of butterflies while another hates giant isopods. I advise you to not look them up if you are unaware of the bug. I already made that mistake. Phobias are anything and everything, you just might not know who is the one holding that fear,

In the end, you should know that it’s okay to be afraid of something, even if it is something that society considers as silly, like being scared of Dora the Explorer or maybe even Shrek. The only thing that matters, though, is that you face your fears. It doesn’t have to be now, maybe in a few years, the future, just before you lay upon death’s bed. It isn’t mandatory for everyone, just a little something that will make you feel accomplished. It’s just satisfactory to know that you have less in the world to protect yourself from.

I like to focus on what I love, not the things that send chills down my spine, but, think of having a fear like this: For each thing you aren’t afraid of, somebody else is. That fact shows that you’re braver than you let on. Move forward knowing that you’re braver than most of the population of our planet.