No hat rule argument

Olivia Childress

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The no hat rule is strange. Why do we have it? But I don’t know the answer to that, so I am going to say why we should be able to have hats in school.

      We should be able to wear hats in school because it shows creativity. Even though we are able to wear our own clothes, hats can show our personality more than clothing.  Why? Oh because it shows that we have a creative mind and what we can do with a simple hat. One time when my sister, Sydney Childress, was in first grade, she had to make a Easter basket hat and all the kids went to different classrooms to show all the other kids their hats. One of my friends did that to and they did the same thing. It was a contest to see whom was most creative and that is amazing of how creative they were. This is why we should be able to wear hats in school to show creativity.