Mrs. Goodloe’s Interview

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Mrs. Goodloe’s Interview

Joe Chambers

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I had the chance to interview Mrs. Goodloe. I asked her a few questions. And she answered them very well.

I’m happy to know that she loves Algood. When Mrs. Webb returns, she wants to continue to find a teaching position.

I asked her if she gets stressed and how she handles it.  She said that she rarely gets stressed but has a good team to help her.

She doesn’t believe in homework. She doesn’t like it because she thinks a student should have some family time and time to get stuff done.

Before this, she was a 4th grade student teacher that helped Mrs. Brown teach science.  Her favorite subject to teach is science.

Mrs. Goodloe has a cat, a dog, two girls, and two siblings in school.  She went to college at TTU.

Mrs. Webb has returned to work, and we will miss Mrs. Goodloe.