A New Friend

Maxine Hutcheson

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At school I have a friend, one who can relate to what is going on at school, one that can give me a shoulder to cry on. I have a shoulder to cry on at home too, but all of them are family/relatives, when sometimes all I need is a friend. Yesterday, I went down to the barn to help with horses. I saw a little cat, and it turns out she had been coming around lately. We don’t feed her or take of her since she gets food from hunting, and she’s in pretty good shape. At first, she wanted nothing to do with me. Once we got done, I went back to the house. I decided to sit with my mom in the garage, and the little cat had come up there. We had nicknamed her “grouchy” so that’s what I called her. She’s not one of those cats you can just pet; you have to let her come to you. Grouchy is a nice, cute little cat though. She came up to me and let me pet her, I sat in the rain and just pet her for about 30 minutes. My mom said to me “So you have a new friend…” and I just chuckled and nodded. Normally, any stray that comes around I won’t go near because it’s how I was raised. But Grouchy didn’t come off as a stray. That’s why I didn’t fear she would bite or scratch me. It was funny when I went in to eat, because Grouchy wanted to come with me, but she wasn’t allowed. I never expected to find a friend in a cat, but Grouchy has proved me wrong. This Maxine Hutcheson signing off.