Disney Rollercoaster Critic, Animal Kingdom

Mallory Johnson

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Mt. Everest

This is a very cool ride. You are up in the mountain with the Yeti. You go up the mountain, then you go down sideways. Next, you go back up to a broken track. You go backwards and see a shadow of a Yeti. After, is the big drop. Everyone who gets of this ride, all ways wants to get back on. If you ever go to Disney World, try this ride.

Primeval Whirl 

Dino Land has a carnival theme and several carnival games. Located in Dino Land, this ride is carnival style too. The ride isn’t very long and the wait times are short. If you have to wait 10-30 minutes, don’t worry, it’s totally worth it. The ride goes up high, spins around, you go down a small drop, you spin around, you go down a bigger drop. then its over. The ride is more fun than it sounds. The only thing that is bad is you can hit your back on it and it jerks you really hard when your spinning.

Kali River Rapids

This ride is perfect for a hot summer day. You get on a raft and are taken through the river rapids. You get soaked! It’s also very fun.

Kilimanjaro Safaries 

If you love animals, this ride is perfect for you! It’s like seeing the animals at the zoo, but not exactly. You get to be the closes you will ever get to be to the animals. The animals are in the natural  habitat, so you get to see how they interact with the things around them, including other animals. When I went over Fall Break, I saw two female lions fighting each other. There are always babies there, which make it so much better.

Na’vi River Journey

The scenery in this ride is amazing! If you love Avatar and Pandora, you will love this ride.

Avatar Flight Of Passage 

This is my favorite ride in all of Disney World. It’s like a whole new world! You are sitting on the back of a Banshee and you fly through Pandora. It’s amazing!