Why Schools Should Change What They Teach To Students

Brooklynn Long

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Admit it. We all hate school, yet we still have to go. I think that the school systems should at least change what they teach kids. When are we ever going to need square roots and Pi in life? NEVER! And that’s only one of the main reasons I think they should change. Almost all of the schools don’t teach kids how to write a check or how to pay bills. They all depend on the parents. They lean on the mom or the dad of the students to teach them how to do these things that are important to live.

Let me tell you, half of the parents don’t care. The other half lean on the school for things like that, and a small portion actually do teach their kids how to do these things. They never teach kids how to cook or make sure they have enough money to do the things they want to do without going into debt but, at least they know the square root of 5.

You never know if a child is getting taught how to do these things. They could go into life not knowing what to do. I’m not saying you have to listen to a 12 year old complain about what they teach at school, but I am saying; take this article into consideration. Yes, I understand that these skills the school board is teaching us, such as Square Roots, or Pythagorean Theorem, are essential in careers such as Engineering, Programming, or other Math oriented careers, but those skills should be standard to the careers Students choose to go through, while real life skills should be taught as standard, so that students can lead productive lives with important living skills, AND skills they are going to use for their career.



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