Should School Bus Seats Have Different Filling?

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Most of you have been on a school bus at least once in your life. Now I’m sure all of you that have remember the seats.  They weren’t the comfiest no, but you most likely told they were to keep us safe in case of a crash. One day my bus driver was getting on to some kids about tearing up the seats.  “You guys need to stop tearing up the seats, the seats are your “airbags” if we get into a crash.” This made me think …how can these be good “airbags” when it hurts to hit into them when the driver slams on the breaks?  

I know that the cover and metal bars play a role, but I also know the filling within plays a role.  After a lot of research and some help I found the seats are filled with compressed polyester. Polyester foam is mostly found in toys, so should it really be used to save our lives?  Compressed polyester foam can hurt people when impacted hard enough, I speak from experience. I think we should use a softer, but firm foam. Not only would this hurt less and possibly not hurt at all, it would also provide comfort knowing that our “airbags” weren’t filled with material from cheap toys.  This is something I believe and think should be fixed.  This is Maxine Hutcheson signing off.

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