The Volleyball Game on September 12

The Volleyball Game on September 12

Adyson Jones, Sports Editor

Great play ladies! Our ladies who volleyball won the game for varsity and JV. We were against Avery Trace that night and all their hard work really paid off. With the game starting at 5 and ending at 7, the girls put on a good show. Now let’s talk about the games.

Our varsity ladies did great that night with some awesome teamwork. They really did show the meaning of teamwork with everyone working together to get their win of 25 to 16. With some great serves throughout the game, they fought that night with the ball hitting the opposite team’s side. We had a great start at the beginning with Algood having the first score of the night. In the second half of the varsity game, we did start to go to the bottom, but as I said before, these ladies fought their way back to the top to win again with a score of 25 to 20. Avery Trace had some misplays that night. The varsity team had some really bad falls and some couldn’t quite get over the net. One of the funnier things were they accidentally hit another teammate. She is okay though, so nothing really to worry about.

Now our JV team did very well too. Algood again had the lead with just a few points at the beginning of the games. We did have some ties throughout the game with Avery Trace. We unfortunately had a little trouble with getting over the net but we had some great serves from some people that night. These honorable mentions are #9-Addie Womack, #13-Bethany Phillips, and #8-Maggie Casey. Congrats girls! With the first half of the game, we won with 25 to 19. Then the second half with 26 to 24. We went over a point from such a close score. I just want to brag on everyone that night with all the teamwork presented.

If you know anyone on the volleyball team, congratulate them and wish them good luck on their next games. Until next time my schoolers! This is your sports editor signing off.