2018 AMS Football Interview with Madison & Leah


From An Article By David Sutter

Addison Bray, Editor In Chief

     For Madison and Leah it took a lot of guts to tryout for the 2018 AMS football team let alone play with the team. I had the chance to interview these two enjoyable girls who shared some of their thoughts and also answered some of the questions that I had for them.


What made you try out for football?

Leah : My brother has played since 7th grade. He always wanted me to play out in the yard.

Madison :  I just decided that it seemed cool so I decided


What is the most challenging thing about being a girl playing football?

Leah : They underestimate us. They also didn’t think we could play like them, and they also didn’t treat us like equals.

Madison : Now they know we kick butt.


Do you do any other sports?

Madison : Just wrestling

Leah :  No.


What are your positions?

Leah :  Linebacker and lineman.

Madison :  Lineman and kickoff.


Did you think you’d make the team?

Madison :I thought I could, but I didn’t have as much confidence as I do now.

Leah :  I thought I would make it. It takes a lot of guts to stand on that field and play in a male dominated sport.


What do your friends think about you being on the team?

Leah : They like it, and they come to the games. They think I’m good.

Madison : My friends think its cool, but they don’t really come to the games.


Favorite thing about Coach Comer?

Leah :  He’s really acceptant. Not like this boy. He was like, “Wait do you want to be the manager?”

Madison : He’s awesome, and if you need help with something he’s willing to help you.


If you could name a football team what would the name be?

Madison : The Pink Cobras

Leah :  The Pink Panthers


What song best describes your experience on the football team?

Leah :  “The Champion” Carrie Underwood is my pick.

Madison : Yeah.


Would you say the football team is like a family?

Madison : It is one.

Leah :  Yes.


Will you play on the high school team next year?

Leah :  Hopefully


     Good luck this season Leah, Madison, Coach Comer, and the entire football team! The AMS Newspaper Staff wishes you luck! And as Leah and Madison said during the end of our interview session, “Have the motivation to do what you want to do whether your a guy or girl, and if you try hard enough it can happen.”