Candid conversation with Coach Crabtree


Savannah Mcdonough, Candid conversation with Coach Crabtree

I sat down with coach crabtree last week and talked about the upcoming season. Here are some things we discussed.

  1. Question: How has the team been doing this season?

            Answer: They have been doing well, very good and have worked great as a team.

  1. Question: What do you hope for this season?

            Answer: Hope that all player get better and for them to alway have fun.

  1. Question: How do you think the player have improved from last season?

            Answer: They are doing good and there are more people that want to play.

  1. Question: How many returning players are there?

             Answer: About 18 returning players.

  1. Question: What was the final record from last season?

             Answer: Won 12 games lost 2 games but they were undefeated.

  1. Question: Do you have any word of wisdom for people that want to play soccer?

              Answer: Practice hard and never give up.