Interview with Dr. Winningham


Ella Navarro and Maxine Hutcheson

Interview with Dr. Winningham:

On Wednesday, August 15th, we interviewed our current principal, Dr. Winningham. We asked him about his job and experience. Here were some of our favorite answers.

1. How do you feel getting promoted from assistant principal to principal? “I feel really good, I feel grateful, I’m excited, it’s been busy, it’s been a lot, but I do feel a little overwhelmed at times but its a good overwhelming, it’s not a bad feeling. I’m excited and ready to go on at it!”

5. Why did you choose to join the AMS staff? How long have you been working at AMS? “I’m familiar with AMS. I was a site director here for SAC under Mr. Norton, when he was the principal. Then I did my student teaching here in college under Mrs. Cannon, who is now at the elementary school. So AMS is very special to me, I’m very familiar with AMS, and so when this job came open, I felt led to apply. I was blessed enough to get this job. This is my fourth year. I spent 3 years as an assistant principal so I am, again, anywhere else in the county know that right here is where its at.”

6. Do you have experience with kids outside of school (such as children of your own)? “Yes, so I have two kids, Baylor is my daughter, who is six, and she is in first grade at the elementary school. My son, Maddux, is two and a half, and he goes to the daycare at Prescott.

We continued to ask 8 questions and were very happy with our answers.