The Princess of Daggers and Roses: Chapter Two

The Princess of Daggers and Roses: Chapter Two

Mylie Boyd, Sports Editor

Chapter 2

As I wake up the next morning, light from my window sneaks in. The windows are open and at the foot of my bed lays a school uniform. Black skirt, white collard shirt, blue tie, blue headband, white socks, and black shoes. The maids must have already been in here. I get out of bed and change into the uniform. Today was the first day of the school year. And it was the last year I’d be attending school before I became queen.

Queen Greyly

It has a nice ring to it. And my brother can’t stand that it will be Queen Greyly and not King Greyson. But 7 minutes is 7 minutes.

I finish changing. My hair is slicked back into a ponytail with two short pieces of hair sticking down in front of my ears. I do my make-up and head down to the dinning room. When I arrive, only one person sits at the long table.


He looks up and I take a seat from across him. He has on his uniform, which is the same as mine, but pants instead of a skirt and no headband. A butler sets a plate with eggs and toast in front of me. And a glass of an orange liquid. Wilson and I eat our breakfast in silence. He finishes first and waits on me.

We walk to school in an awkward silence. When we arrive at school, we head our separate ways. His group is the group that eats lunch in the corner by the trashcans. And they keep to themselves. Only thing they’re useful for, according to the popular kids, is answers on the homework. My group is the opposite. Everyone would like to be us.

To be ME

Queen Greyly

I would kill to be a loser who just hung right bellow the radar. A group of people surround me as I open my locker. I spent most of my summer in the castle. And the time I didn’t spend in the castle, I was being a secret superhero.

I had every class with Wilson. And thankfully I didn’t need to be my secret superhero alter ego. Wilson and I walked home together and talked over the homework. He had done most of it at school and said I could copy his answers. I told him it was fine and that we could check them against each other.

When I set down at my desk to start my homework, the alarm goes off. I turn it off and turn into Gray Girl.

Black Star sits on my window seal.

“Where to this time?” I ask.

“Well. It looks like we’re taking a blast from the past and going to go save a cat from a tree.” he responds.

“Can’t you take care of that on your own. I’ve got stuff to do.” I complain.

“We’re a team. Come on. I’ll make it worth your time.” My cheeks burn.