The Princes of Daggers and Roses: Chapter One

Mylie Boyd, reporter

Chapter 1

The alarms aren’t going off. The one time I actually want out of this dress and out of these shoes, the alarms aren’t ringing. Sneaking out of the castle was pretty hard as a 6-year-old princess, but now, a 17-year-old future queen, it is impossible. So every time I’m busy, the alarms sound, but when I’m doing nothing, my room is dead silent.

After a few minutes of pacing around my room, the alarm starts to go off. I switch it off as quickly as possible. I press my ring. Rather than being in my gray dress, my hair down, high heels, and bright tiara, I’m in a dark gray, skin tight suit that covers my hands, fingers, and feet. My face is covered with a half mask. My hair is up in a pony tail. Right after my disguise is put on, a boy in black sits on my window seal.

“Hello Gray Girl.” the boy in black says.

“Where are we going this time?” I ask.

“The Marcel Mansion.” he responds. “There’s a fire.”

“The royal family is there.” I say, my voice shaking. I’m so glad I decided to stay behind.

“Yes. Everyone is trapped. So. I suggest we get a move on.” We both jump out of the window, our super powers making it possible to land without hurting a thing. And as we start running, the super speed kicks in. In a few seconds, we stand in front of the burning house. “Are you ready?”

“When has that ever stopped us before?” I respond. We both walk into the burning building.

“Mommy. Mommy. Look. Gray Girl and Black Star. They’re here to save us!” a little girl shouts.

We help everyone out of the building. My head always gets fuzzy in times like this. “Where’s Princess Greyly?” Black Star asks.

“She did not come. Wilson didn’t either.” Queen Gabby says. “Thank you Gray Girl and Black Star.”

“Just doing our job Queen Gabby.” Black Star responds.


After getting home and changing back to my normal attire, I go down stairs to my family. “Mother. Father. Is everyone alright?” I ask, knowing the ending result.

“Yes. Gray Girl and Black Star showed up right on time.” my father answers. “The damage to the Marcel house was very significant. I have offered them to stay here. So around dinner time, they will be here. You remember Wilson, don’t you?”

Wilson Marcel, my best friend since birth. Ever since I had to start preparing to be Queen, I hadn’t been around Wilson. It wasn’t “Queen Like” to have a boy best friend that would not become your king. Wilson and I don’t have that normal boy-girl best friend friendship. I’m the popular girl and he’s the weird boy. Not everyone enjoys how much I hang out with him. My name has been raked through the mud because of it. “Yes. I do remember Wilson.” I respond.

“Good. Duke Marcel wondered if you did. You and Wilson used to play hide-in-seek all of the time. You both were excellent hiders, but terrible seekers.” I start to walk back to my room, not really caring what else he has to say.

That was why it was so much easier sneaking out.

But, there were other things to.

      It used to be saving cats from trees. Now it’s saving people from burning houses. It used to be, I was out playing with Wilson. Now it’s, I was so overcome by the anxiety I needed some time alone. It used to be, I got the scratch outside. Now it’s, I got the scratch from a tiara. It used to be, I fell out of a tree. Now it’s, I fell over my heels. It used to be, boys are gross. Now it’s, there’s this one boy on my mind. It used to be, Greyly be a nice girl. Now it’s, Greyly go talk to them. 

     What the heck happened to my life?

      I grew up.


The crackling over the fire haunts my dreams. Life was so much simpler as a child. I wish I could go back then sometimes.