Madison Hobbs, writer

So a lot of you may not know about LEAPS, which is an after school program. Here at LEAPS you do homework. Now I know you guys don’t even do your homework but here you can. Not only do we do homework, we do a lot of other fun stuff. Sometimes we will go outside or do fun experiments. LEAPS happens everyday at 3:15 p.m. Then from 3:15 to 5:00, we do fun stuff. It all depends on the teacher you have. On Friday, one of the LEAPS teachers is Ms. Molly Crabtree. We do our homework, then we do fun experiments. On Wednesday, sometimes we stay outside the whole time. I want you to go up to someone you know or maybe you don’t know, and ask them, “How can I sign up for LEAPS?” I promise, you will have more fun during the school year. We have some good snacks once in a while. Some snacks we have are peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Others are nachos and cheese. I promise you will have a good times at LEAPS. I hope that I can see some of you guys here. I hope everyone has a BLESSED day and week. Stay safe.