The Car Hood

Eli Moore, Entertainment Editor

He took the lid and slammed it shut,

The car hood crashing down,

While John heaved a massive sigh,

“I’m twenty miles outside of town,”


He tried to call for help,

But his phone was out of luck.

He tried to wave for help,

But there wasn’t even a truck.


He pushed along the shoulder,

Through the biting rain,

While his legs ached and cried,

Screeching loudly in pain.


The sun sunk as John pushed his car,

And through the quiet road,

He desperately wished that he could’ve had it towed.


But as he came to a stop,

And his strength was at an end,

The clouds parted to show the stars,

Their beauty normally obscured by the exhaust of the cars.


John paused to watch the beauty ahead, and heaved a heavy sigh,

And watched the constellations, while the wispy clouds passed by.

It was a night to remember, and one he’d not forget,

As he went back to the city, a place full of threats.