Breaks from School

Jude Forrest, Opinion Editor/Artist

Every year, we have four major breaks: Summer, Fall, Christmas, and Spring.

These breaks total to about 15 weeks, so that’s the number we’ll be using for this opinion piece. I have interviewed several students and teachers about how they would like the length of these breaks to change. As of right now, our breaks as this long:

Summer: 10

Fall: 2

Christmas: 2

Spring: 1

One of the students I interviewed was Eli Moore, 8th grade student council treasurer, personal friend, son of 8th grade teacher Mr. Moore, and creator of the glorious dad joke of the day. His opinion was the following.

Summer: 15

Fall: 0

Christmas: 0

Spring: 0

Eli believes that all of our weeks should be put into a long summer break. I do like this idea, but I also like going home to my family for Christmas. My next interview was Mylie Rae Boyd, Lady Redskin soccer player, student council 8th grade representative, avid reader, and friend. Her opinion was the following.

Summer: 3.75

Fall: 3.75

Christmas: 3.75

Spring: 3.75

Mylie thinks that all of the breaks should be equal, and I think this is a pretty good idea. We would be out for longer, but I would miss our long summer. Finally, I interviewed counselor Larra Bush. Her idea is my personal favorite.

Summer: 6

Fall: 3

Christmas: 3

Spring: 3

I like this idea because we have a fairly long summer, but all others are still 3 week week breaks. It’s all about what you value. I personally love summer, and think it’s okay how it is. Maybe a longer winter though. What do you think? Leave your ideas in the comment section below.