Now that it is the spooky month, people are doing spooky things. I’m not going to lie, Halloween is my least favorite “Major Holiday”. I like it, but it scares me… a lot…  I was freaked out every time I went trick or treating because some people actually dressed as zombies and clowns. But anyways, back to the point. I have been playing a scary game lately called Phasmophobia. Other than meaning the fear of ghosts, it’s the name of a horror video game. I LOVE this game so much. In this game, you team up with up to four people to go ghost hunting with. You can set up a private game with your friends, or just play online. You use in-game voice chat to talk to each other. One thing that makes me love this game, is that you can communicate with “Walkie Talkies” or talk to the person right next to you. U use V to talk to people beside you, and B to talk on the “Walkie Talkies”. If you press V when your are far away, your friends should hear you but you will be muffled and more quiet. This type of communication has a name but I forgot. ;-; You try to figure out what type of ghost it is, but not die. Each round, if you succeed and get enough evidence, you will get big bucks. You use this money and buy tools that help you on harder missions. There are many different maps such as houses, asylums, high schools, and many more. I sincerely recommend this game, even if your a bit squeamish.


Also I need someone to play with.