Stellar Forecast

Can’t wait to see you guys!!!

Madison Hobbs, Writer

Stellar Forecast is a new club. In Stellar Forecast we will learn about the weather. I am really excited. We have all spots filled but there is always room for some members. Mrs. Wren Goedken is the sponsor. The president is Madison Hobbs and the Co-President is Coltan Petters. We meet every Thursday at the Algood Middle School garden. If you would like to join come to the garden (near the football field) and we will welcome you. We have real weather tools. We will measure and take many different notes. We have a book for Stellar Forecast, it is the record book. If you want to join you can email 2 people. Madison Hobbs or Wren Goedken. Their email is below. I hope you guys decide to come and join. There are never to many spots. I hope to see you guys there. Have a great fall break. If you are remote but would like to join, here is a ZOOM link below. We ZOOM every Thursday at 4:00 p.m. I hope to see you guys there.


  • ZOOM:

The code is 691-405-2661 and the password is 6k2YGj – click here for the ZOOM link

  • Emails:

Madison Hobbs – [email protected]

Wren Goedken – [email protected]