Jade Hargis

HELLO SKATERS AND SLAYERS! This article will be about the amazing world of skating! Some people are naturals and some are like me…. clinging to the wall for dear life. In Cookeville there is a skating rink called Sk8 (title of this article) and it’s pretty cool! It has games, you can win tickets, food, and of course SKATES! Some of us may not be as good as we imagine but we can get to that point. We may not all have the same problems, my trouble is balancing but my mom said that in order to balance you need to be confident…SO THERE, BE CONFIDENT! I think I can’t balance because my legs are so dang long, my friend even said that she doesn’t know where my legs end and my torso begins. But unless you’re like that you’ll do better than me….UNLESS you’re one of those people who just fall and then quit! But seriously, live a little! I’ve seen my life flash before my eyes PLENTY of times while skating, no bone broken yet.If you’re interested in skating just give it a try, I mean I’ll never know but that’s just how I roll.