World War III: Is It Happening?

World War III: Is It Happening?

Eli Moore, Entertainment Editor

So, everyone’s probably heard about the possibility of World War III, a conflict that could result in nuclear war, destruction of mankind as we know it, and probably the end of mankind itself. The talk of conflicts began on January 3rd, 202o, whenever a conflict between Iran and the United States flourished overnight. The United States, in an attempt to save U.S. personnel abroad, sent out a tactical missile that killed Irani Qasem Soleimani. This sparked outrage amongst Americans and Iranians alike, and in the following days, word spread of a possible Third World War. But now begs the question: is it happening?

The Facts

When we all heard about a possible World War III, we all passed it off as silly. But in reality, it’s becoming scarier than we thought.

Sure, it’s died down by now, but there’s still a very real possibility of it happening. Amid tensions with countries like Iran following the Soleimani assassination, countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, India, and many others have made plans to possibly strike. But nothing has happened yet. Concerns are still rampant, however, and despite all of this, you must think, should you be worried?

The Short Answer? Not Yet.

The good news is that tensions have settled, and there seems to be a little less tension between the two sides. Sure, people in Iran are still upset, but it’s not on our side of the camp. If you’re a worrier, just keep up-to-date on Iranian affairs, watch the news, and keep up with current affairs. But if you want to find some humor in the situation, just look at the memes. They’re hilarious.

In conclusion, World War III has yet to happen, but in the meantime, we have nothing to worry about. Another day in the U.S. of A, I suppose.