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Maxine Hutcheson

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Alright while my favorite type of dog is mutts, my favorite breed is pit bulls. Now they’re probably my favorite since they’re so misunderstood. It’s a weird reason, right? But hey they are, misunderstood that is. Pit bulls are like any other dog. Sadly so much hate is around them due to their owners or rough backgrounds. They get trained to fight making them seem vicious. Maybe some were born on the street and had to fight. Many are abused for no reason, & even worse some are abused for our gain. Because of their build, some are good fighters. But if any other dog breed had the same build and were used for that same purpose we’d fear them too. Most of the time they are sweet loving pets that are mistreated, so much so that there are organizations for them specifically. I honestly believe that everything in this world can be good, but we label it, why? Because we’re scared because there was one accident, one mistake caused by us. I hope this into consideration when thinking about anything in this world.