Firearms in the U.S

Maxine Hutcheson

Firearms aka guns are used as a self-defense tools… most of the time. But what happens if they aren’t? What if someone uses them in a robbery? Or someone irresponsible gets a hold of one? Okay yes, these are the tools that help us win a war, and keep our freedom, but I think we can all agree that those were and are extreme cases. Now pretty much anyone can get their hands on a gun. They don’t even have to own it. For example say Johnny goes over to his friend’s house, his friend’s father has firearms in the closet. Johnny grabs one and is barely prevented from doing something harmful. Yes, the father should have kept the firearms more secure, but he didn’t. This makes anyone capable of getting one. See what I’m saying here? Firearms can be good and useful in dire situations such as war, and some people like to use them to hunt for fun. However, I feel that maybe we should stop using them so much. Okay yeah lots of people wouldn’t be happy about that, and there’s almost no way to get the government to agree, but think about it. Crime rates could drop, some people wouldn’t live in fear. “Well, wouldn’t people be in fear of not being able to defend themselves?” Yes, but honestly it’d be no different from me not having a firearm to defend myself. And there are other ways to protect yourself. It’s like the kids at my aunt’s school. Some of them live in bad neighborhoods where they have to duck down and pray each night they don’t get shot. Basically what I’m trying to say is maybe we should rethink certain things. Yeah, a lot of people would be upset, but then again a lot of people wouldn’t have so much fear. I’m not saying everything that can be used as a weapon is bad, I’m not even saying guns are bad, but I am saying it might be safer for everyone if we were more careful. Some people are bad, some good people make bad decisions.