Drama Club


Maxine Hutcheson

Ayeeeee! Where are all my drama geeks at? So drama club, what do we do? Great question that you definitely asked. Basically we practice team building exercises, and we just had auditions for Willy Wonka JR. Well part 1 anyway. Part one was the dancing and singing part. The 2nd part is where we actually act and audition for the parts we want. Also quick note: if you want to join you can, however sadly you won’t be able to do Willy Wonka JR. However you can still do the broadway showcase. Well what’s the broadway showcase? Another great question! Basically you choose your favorite broadway song and preform it in some way. Whether it’s a dance or you singing you can do the broad way showcase. Obviously the song must be appropriate and if there’s cursing you need to find a clean version. It’s a lot of fun and you get to hang with friends, be on your phone, and just have fun. But yeah that’s basically it.