Homecoming court


Joe Chambers

Olivia Childress, Sports Editor

Our homecoming court this year was filled with many beautiful girls. Here is more information about them.


5th grade is represented by Payton Lowe. Payton is the daughter of Tyler and Nichole Lowe. Payton plays softball for AMS and loves to ride horses. Her goal is to attend Vanderbilt University and become a dermatologist. Payton was escorted by Josh Arce.


5th grade is also represented by Logan Curry. Logan is the daughter of Chris and Brandy Curry. Logan enjoys playing basketball and is a member of FCA and the Junior Beta Club here at AMS. Logan also enjoys running and plans to join the cross country team and is even considering playing golf. Logan intends to go to college for many years to become a brain surgeon. Logan was escorted by Barrett Newton.


6th grade is represented by Caidence York. Caidence is the daughter of Stevie and Melinda York. Caidence is on the AMS softball and volleyball teams and is in the Beta Club. She plans to attend the university of Tennessee, and hopes to become a cardiologist or a surgeon. Her favorite memory is the recent luau dance. Caidence is honored to be chosen for Homecoming Court for an amazing school. Thank you to everyone who supported her, kindness goes a long way. Caidence was escorted by Jack Cancel.


6th grade is also represented by Ella Reagan Brown. Ella is the daughter of Harold and Tamra Brown. Ella is an AMS Cheerleader and a Student Council member. Ella will also be performing in Cookeville Children’s Theater performance of High School Musical this fall. Ella hopes to become an ENT doctor and hopes to attend Duke University. Ella was escorted by JP Henry. 


7th grade is represented by Scarlett Sutton. Scarlett is the daughter of Daniel and Rachael Sutton. Scarlett is an AMS cheerleader and a member of the AMS Tennis Team and is the Vice President of the Beta Club. Scarlett enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She also enjoys attending Wildlife, going to the lake, and cheering on our AMS football and basketball teams. Scarlett is excited to attend college in the future! Scarlett was escorted by Wes Hudson. 


7th grade is also represented by Sydney Yarchuk. Sydney is the daughter of her amazing and supportive mother. Victoria Price. Sydney is a member of the Drama Club and AMS Choir and hopes to be a future member of the volleyball team. Sydney wants to go to college to become a brain surgeon and become fluent in Japanese. Sydney was escorted by Joe Carter. 


7th grade representative Meela Walker. Meela is the daughter of Justin and Brooklyn Walker. Meela is a member of the AMS Beta Club and is very involved in the pageant community. Meela currently holds the title of National Elite Pre-Teen 2019. Meela hopes to become a speech therapist and looks forward to renovating homes part time after she wins Miss America! Meela was escorted by Brycen Turner. 


8th grade is represented by Abbi Walker. Abbi is the daughter of Josh and Tera Walker. Abbi loves having Mrs. Tollett for homeroom and math is her favorite. Abbi is a member of the AMS Student Council and loves spending time with friends and family. Abbi hopes to attend college to become a pediatrician. Abbi was escorted by Ja’lyric Cullum. 


8th grade is also represented by Erin Meadows. Erin is the daughter of Nathaniel and Casey Meadows. Erin plays basketball and soccer here at AMS and hopes to become a real estate agent in the future. Erin was escorted by Zach Cotterman. 


8th grade is represented by Abigail Bentley. Abigail is the daughter of Bronson and Cheyenne Bentley. Abigail enjoys playing volleyball and has been a member of the AMS volleyball team for the past 3 years. Abigail plans to attend the University of Tennessee in hopes of going into the medical field. Abigail was escorted by Mason Taylor. 


8th grade is represented by Maggie Casey. Maggie is the daughter of Tige and Pennie Casey and is the niece of your very own Mr.Moore. Maggie is a member of both the AMS volleyball and basketball teams. She also participated in Wildlife and is a member of the Beta Club. Maggie hopes to become an occupational therapist in the future. Maggie was escorted by Carson Haney. 


8th grade is also represented by Hannah Tonietti. Hannah is the daughter of Mike and Sandy Tonietti. Hannah is a manner of the AMS cheer team, and is a peer buddy here at AMS. Hannah also competes with Power athletics and is a member of the Life Church Children’s Ministries. Hannah hopes to become a cheerleader at Cookeville High School and would like to become a veterinarian. Hannah was escorted by Parker Holland.


Last but not least 8th grade representative Makenzie Grace Harville. Makenzie is the daughter of Amy and Lee Harville. Makenzie is a member of the AMS volleyball, softball, and basketball teams. Makenzie also participates in FCA, Wildlife, JA Youth Group. Makenzie enjoys AAU basketball and is a member of the Tennessee Legends and Team United. Makenzie hopes to attend UT and pursue a degree in sports medicine. Makenzie was escorted by Parker Ray. 


Congratulations to Football Sweetheart Hannah Tonietti and congratulations to homecoming queen Erin Meadows. That was our 2019-2020 homecoming court.