Lunch time

Isaiah Birdwell

                      Lunch time, what a great time, except when it is at 1:00. It is excruciatingly late. When it hits 12:30, our stomachs start to eat apart of its self every minute. I thank Dr. Winningham  for putting in a vending machine. But if we are talking the whole 7th grade dying  of hunger every day over and over again then that doesn’t cut it.  If we are putting the whole school under this big umbrella of lunch time then I for one have a few words. We need to show the lunch ladies, the janitor, and every one that works in the cafeteria some respect. Even if you just say have a good day or not chuck corn at them then that would be a big help. Don’t throw food, don’t spill food, don’t leave your trays a chemical waste land, be nice to these people you have no idea how much this will help them. Please be kind.