Mrs.Boyd Interview

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I asked Mrs.Boyd about herself and here is what she said.

Mrs.Boyd was incredibly excited to be teacher of the month! She told me how happy she was and how much it meant to her that a bunch of students thought that she was awesome. Mrs.Boyd likes to prepare to teach and to go swimming. Mrs.Boyd tries to maintain a steady health and go to the gym. She has been teaching at AMS for 11 years and this is her 12th year. Mrs.Boyd has also taught at Avery Trace, Prescott, Upperman, in Morgan County, and at Parkview. Mrs.Boyd loves AMS and believes that we have an incredible academic background. She also thinks that most of the leaders at Cookeville High School have originated from Algood. Mrs.Boyd teaches ELA and enjoys teaching it because she thinks you reading is important and that you should have lifelong learning. Mrs.Boyd grew up in Manchester and went to college at MTSU and TTU. She majored in elementary education and special education. Mrs.Boyd started teaching because she felt like she was being called by God. Even though she doesn’t make as much money as she would like, she knows that every day, she is making a difference. Mrs.Boyd is 1 of 31 state wide for advocacy training. We all love Mrs.Boyd, and we all know that she has made a difference in our lives. Thank you Mrs.Boyd!