Lady Redskins Soccer 2019-2020 School Year


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Mylie Rae Boyd

Lady Redskins Soccer 2019-2020 School Year

By: Mylie Boyd

Who Are They?

The Lady Redskins Soccer team is the soccer team for the school. It is an amazing team that has won several seasons over the past years. It is a great way to make friends. They are always in contact on and off the field, in and out of school. This is my second season playing, and I already have developed friendships with several girls. We range between 6th grade and 8th.


Pros of being on the team,

“Our Coach” Kenadi Shelby 2 seasons.

“The people on the team.” Laila R. 1 season

“The assistant coach (Grace Elston).” Grace Elston 2 seasons played out of 3 on the team.

“You get to learn new things and be a part of a team that is not your friends but your family.” Grace Elston 2 seasons played.

“It is not about winning but that you tried your hardest.” Jocelyn Berry.

The team itself is welcoming and so is our coach. Coach Crabtree is a 5th grade math teacher. He has 2 daughters, one Molly who has played soccer for him.

Assistant Coach

Our assistant coach this year is Freshman Grace Elston who played 2 of the 3 seasons she was on the team. Her 7th grade year playing, Grace tore her ACL and has had 2 surgeries since. Grace played her 8th grade year and was amazing. Starting her Freshman year of high school, Grace has re-injured her ACL and has not been cleared to play. Grace has come back to help this season and is super supportive. We thank Grace and please keep her in your thoughts so she can go back to playing next year!


Our First Game

We won our first game 7-2 over Jackson County. We most often have a JV game to follow. But just a Varsity lead to everyone playing. This was a Jackson County team we had never seen before. They brought their game and made it hard for us. But a game well played. We thank Dr. Cagle for coming out that hot day to ref our game.


Coach Crabtree

Coach Crabtree is an amazing coach that also teaches Math grade 5. He has a passion for soccer and teaching. He shows that he loves what he does and he is very caring for his students and players. Coach is always willing to help out his players.

Top Players

Our 2018-2019 school year season was a grate way to end our 8th graders season with the school. They all won 8th grade MVP and played great. We will miss them this year.

We have returning for her 4th season Alana Hall. Her 5th grade year there was no JV so she was playing Varsity. In her 7th grade year Alana was starting goalie and main goalie for Varsity. Alana was also a great player on the JV game as a defender. Alana at our last game was scored on twice, but made a great comeback scoring twice on the other team. Last Soccer season (2018-2019 school year) Alana won The Ball Stops Here award along with 7th Grade MVP. Alana is an amazing player who has the determination to win.

7th grader Ashlynn B. is back for her 3rd season with Algood Redskins. Ashlynn made the team her 5th grade year as JV, and made split her 6th grade year. As a 7th grader, Ashlynn is now Varsity and an amazing player. Ashlynn last year made 6th grade MVP, along with MV Defender. Ashlynn unfortunately was unable to make her first game as a varsity player due to a breakout. Ashlynn will be playing and has the determination to come out on top.



The team hurts when one player hurts.

Last year 7th grader (8th grader now) Logan Bowman broke her wrist playing in one of our first games. As the game went on Logan was put back in and fell on it the second time. Logan was taken to an ER for x-rays. Logan had a fractured wrist. Logan was not allowed to come back that season. it was a JV game Logan hurt her wrist in. Logan was split at the time. Logan was a valued player and it was sad to see her not be cleared. Logan was very supportive and came to all home games. Logan is back in this year and is an amazing player. So, when one of us takes a hit, the whole team takes it.


What it takes

If you have ever been on a soccer team, you possibly know what you need to do. With Algood being the team to beat, standards are set really high.

  1. The most important thing you need to have is commitment. When you play any sport or do any club, you need to be committed to that particular thing you are doing. For example, you get a text that you have a football game tomorrow and you are the quarterback. You decide not to go because you want to see the new Fuller House episode come out. Well, then you do not show commitment.
  2. Determination. You want to be determined to work hard. If you are not determined then you may not be successful in what you are trying to do.
  3. Willingness. You have to be willing to work hard and to learn.


What Being on a team means

“Being a team means having each others backs on and off the field… not being afraid to stick up for them and just never give up on each other, even when we get on each other’s nerves.” Grace Elston

Our 1st Conference Game

We had our first game that counts to our record. We beat the team 6-0. Goals were scored by Erin Meadows (1), Viviana Valskez (2), Alana Hall (1), Lexi Wearing (1), and Naisae Ngido (1). The other teams coach at half time did not feel super great and got sick. At the end of the game the coach was up and walking.


Go Lady Redskins.