Back To School


Maxine Hutcheson

So thats our first newspaper meeting. People like Ella N, Brooklynn L, and Savannah are in the corner where you can’t see them. So back to school. What do we think? That this is just another year where our brains are going to be packed with useless information? Based on statistics most of it is useless. But to stay on the good side of teachers, I’ll say that this stuff is important so stay in school kids! Ok but seriously what do you think of your classes and teachers so far? I have Mrs.Tollett (math), Mr. Moore (social studies), Mr.Comer (science), Mr. Salter (choir), Mrs. Woods (art 1), and Mrs. Poller (ELA 9). Don’t feel bad or dumb if your not in a high school class. Anyway, I like all my teachers so far. In Mrs.Woods we just had our first project where we made something that is a representation of ourselves. I could tell you about all the other work, but I don’t want to think about right now. Plus you probably don’t care. Seems harsh but it’s true. Unless you actually want to know that is. So were here, but why? No, I’m not gonna answer that. I want to hear why you think were here. Put a comment or come tell me in person. Heard we won the football game against Jackson County. Good job guys. Also, shout out to the one who body slammed another player. I can’t say any names because I don’t have his permission, but he knows who he is and if you were at the game maybe you know too, So yeah thats all I can think of right now. Great back to school article right? Anyway have an awesome and amazing year I’ll post again next month. Byeeeee!