5 Cool Tech Gifts Under 100 Dollars

5 Cool Tech Gifts Under 100 Dollars

When it comes to picking out a gift for someone that’s into tech, your options can be quite sparse. Most cost over 100, 200, and over 300 dollars. But if you have a keen eye (and ear), you can find some really good stuff for cheap.

1. Grado SR60e

Price: $80 U.S.D.

The Grado SR60e are a pair of studio reference headphones costing less than $100 dollars. And if anyone knows about studio audio, it’s expensive. But the Grado SR60e cost just $80. Now, they may not be as comfortable as something like the Bose QuietComfort 35 II or the Sony WH-1oooXM3, but they provide excellent sound for the money. Also, the design is fairly interesting, with large black foam ear pads, leather headband, and an adjusting mechanism unlike anything else I’ve ever seen before. The disadvantage of a design of such a caliber is that everyone around you is gonna hear every word of what you’re listening to.

2. Amazon Fire HD 8

Price: $80 U.S.D.

The Amazon Fire HD 8 serves as an epic value-to-cost comparison. It runs a heavily modified version of Android 7.1, with a relatively solid spec sheet to match. For the price, you’re getting 16 or 32 gigabytes of storage, 1.5 gigabytes of RAM, a 1.4 gigahertz Mediatek processor, and a 1280 x 800 LCD display. It’s kind of the best value for money for a tablet under $100, and I think it’s really lacking in competition. Unless you’re planning on buying a used iPad, which I honestly wouldn’t recommend.

3. Redragon KUMARA Mechanical Keyboard

Price: $30 U.S.D.

When it comes to getting a keyboard, especially a mechanical one, things can get expensive. For example, a top-of-the-line keyboard from Razer can cost over 200 dollars. But, you can get a solid one with the satisfying “click!” of the keys that we all crave. The Redragon KUMARA costs $30, brand-new on Amazon. It’s a solid deal in the grand scheme of things, with its Cherry MX Blue switches that feels exactly like a typewriter. It’s also extremely easy to modify, so you can pry off the caps, switch them out, and do whatever you wish with it. For under fifty bucks, too!

4. Venture Electronics Monk Earphones

Price: $3-10

As I have stated before, the VE Monk is an extremely solid pair of earbuds. I’ve written a review about them in the past, and I think that they’re as good as they get on a budget. And they’re also a perfect gift for someone in your life who loves good audio. Now, the main thing that people would find disappointing is that it doesn’t have a microphone for chatting with your friends (That model costs ten dollars). But, I mostly use them for critical listening on my record player. I can also see some people being disappointed with the fact that they don’t really block outside noise that well, but for the price, I can’t complain.

5. Mohu Leaf TV Antennae

Price: $17-20

Any grownups reading this article knows the pain and agony of paying for cable. Hundreds of dollars a year to watch grown men run in tights and catch a ball, or watch people talk about the day’s events. Well, prepare to say goodbye to that with a $20 dollar gadget that will save you hundreds of dollars a year. The Mohu Leaf is a simple television antennae that you simply plug into the coaxial port on your TV, slap on your wall, and get television coverage from 25 miles around. With that, you get CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC, PBS, and ESPN if you’re lucky. It’s really quite helpful for cutting the cord or just a minimalist who wants local channels for a low price.