Fun Things To Do Around Cookeville This Summer

Fun Things To Do Around Cookeville This Summer

Summer is so close that we can feel the heat! But sometimes you get bored at home doing nothing or you stay so busy that it’s not a problem. You can always find fun things to do around town to cure your boredom!


  1. Visit Cookeville Escape Room ($)

Love mysteries and puzzles? Then Cookeville Escape Room might be for you!

  1. Go to Dogwood Park

           Who doesn’t love going to a city park? Invite some friends, bring a picnic, a blanket, and         some sunscreen.

  1. Take A Hike At Cummins Falls

           Take in the natural beauty of Tennessee at Cummins Falls. Take a walk, take photos, and watch wildlife.

  1. Go For A Skate At SK8 ($)

           Skating is fun and easy for everyone! And the SK8 does just that.

  1. Enjoy The History Of Cookeville At The Depot

           Visit the depot to find out more of Cookevilles history and see some really cool trains!


Remember that the summer is yours so have fun!