Reflect Like the Lights

Adyson Jones, Sports Editor

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What’s up? My name is Adyson. I have been in 6th grade for the past year and I have enjoyed it. Actually, I didn’t enjoy all of it. I hated most of it actually. I did learn a lot though. I learned some valuable lessons about people you can trust and people you can’t. Also, I learned that people change. Some of them change a WHOLE LOT. Life is weird and days were rough. Heck, half of the time I didn’t understand most of it! I loved all of my teachers though. Mrs. Boyd, or my Mama Boyd, and Mrs. Cole, helped through a lot of the year. It was really fun to know you could find someone you trusted and could have a lot of fun with. I know that the learning part was really awkward at some parts. My reading class was hectic with like ten different teachers throughout the year. Mrs. Savage came and is replacing Mrs. Webb for now. That class before her and Mrs. Goodloe, was really confusing. Mr. Jones is my math teacher, and I loved him. He is always up for a joke with the basketball players in my class and was kind to everyone, that is, if you didn’t irritate the crap out of him. I then had Mr. Isbill as my band teacher. He was super nice. He taught me a lot, even with his cheesy jokes. Mrs. Cole was my social studies teacher and Mr. Lankford was science. Social studies was really funny with her, even though kids would actually drive her insane by the end of the day. I guess what I came here to do was just tell y’all about my life and the craziness in it, also some teachers to look out for. Basically, just enjoy life while you have it and don’t let anyone take it from you.