Nintendo Switch Review: The Best Game Console for the Money, Period.

Nintendo Switch Review: The Best Game Console for the Money, Period.

Eli Moore, Entertainment Editor

I’m slightly biased whenever I say this, but the Nintendo Switch is quite possibly the best video game console of the past decade. I’ve been a huge Nintendo fan for over 7 years, my first exposure to the company being whenever my dad bought an old-school NES for 50 dollars. And I fell in love with it. I loved the old classic games, like Super Mario Brothers, Tetris, and Contra (The Konami Code is still the best cheat code, PlayStation users.) And over thirty years later, Nintendo is hitting another home run in the console market. The Nintendo Switch is the ultimate portable console, costing just a hair under three hundred dollars. You can play at home with detached controllers in high definition, or you can pop it off of its docking station and play on the go.

It took me over three years of saving, but I finally bought my own console about three months ago. Since then, I’ve loved the classics, like Super Mario Odyssey, Undertale, and Minecraft. Tetris 99 and NES Classics are also fun additions if you choose to pay for the dirt-cheap Nintendo Direct service. Long story short, there is a wide variety of games on this console.


+ Removable controllers

+ Sturdy body

+ Wide variety of games (a few for free)

+ Great multiplayer mode


– Plastic screen (Prone to scratches)

– If you play on the go, performance can be slower

– The entire body is plastic, so wear and tear is inevitable

– No camera

The Basics

When you open the console, the controllers (Joy-Cons) come detached in their own plastic baggy, along with the console. The console resembles a tablet in nature, with a 6.2 inch screen. You won’t want to fit this thing in your pocket, as it is thick and heavy. And it’s also relatively the same screen size of the iPhone XR. Except it’s wider. Much, much wider.

Depending on the package you buy, you could receive a game with it. Most of the time, it would be Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And whenever you play around with the console on the TV, everything is smooth and snappy. Actions are quick, and graphics are smooth. The initial storage is 32 gigabytes, although you might want to pick up a memory card for added storage. If you want to create a miniature PC intended strictly for gaming, buy a play stand, hook up a keyboard and a wireless controller, and you’ll have a respectable gaming rig.


Expect quick speeds and relatively fast Wi-Fi connections. Whenever watching multimedia apps like YouTube, switching between videos leads to half-a-second load times and gigabit speeds. Whenever playing games with 3D graphics like Super Mario Odyssey and Breath Of The Wild. Even whenever you are playing the basics like Deltarune, it’s still a beast. For example, whenever you square off against Jevil, there are several things that would cause a regular PC to lag. The Nintendo Switch doesn’t even hesitate.

In short, this thing is a total performance champion.


Due to the console having a large battery and a thick plastic body, it is without a doubt the strongest gaming console I have ever used. And I used a Game Boy Color for five years and still use it to this day. And that thing is a brick as is. I haven’t dropped my Switch yet, thank goodness, but the plastic body of the Joy-Cons protect it from whichever angle it falls from. This is also a key reason that I think a screen protector isn’t a good idea. It’s already got one that will be fine for many years to come. Even if you bend it, it barely even flexes. In short, it has the durability of that brick phone your grandma used back in the 80’s. Drop it? You shouldn’t care.


Buy the Switch. Just do it. It’s a fantastic console at a reasonable price, with an impeccable library of games, incredible performance, and the toughest shell of plastic since the Nokia days. This is without hesitation the best console money can buy, and I recommend it as the best piece of tech for 300 dollars.

I rate the Nintendo Switch 4.5/5