How to study for finals

Olivia Childress

Yes I know that finals are like a month away but better start now then later so here are some tips.

How Much is it Worth?: Be aware of how your score counts toward your final grade. They might be worth over half or just a little bit you never know. So try your best no matter what.

Begin Studying Early: You should begin studying a week to ten days before an exam, particularly if you have several exams to take. Cramming in studying times is an ineffective way to prepare for finals. So start studying.

Study in Chunks: Your studying will be more effective if you concentrate for a period of time, then take short breaks. Don’t stop doing your favorite things, but do so in chunks to studying.

Rewrite your Notes: Delete any extra information that does not support the critical material. Form outlines of each chapter or unit and try to process course content as a whole.

Study Graded Tests: Since you had to take tests on the material previously, you should probably expect it on the final. Concentrate on missed questions, and make sure you know and understand the correct answer.

Know What Works for You:Study according to your learning style. If you are a visual learner, prepare charts, diagrams, or outlines of the material. If you are an auditory learner, listen to taped lectures and group discussions.

So that’s all I have, make sure to study and ace the finals. Ideas from How to study for finals