The Community Needs Us Too

Adyson Jones, Sports Editor

Community Projects

Have you ever noticed any problems with your community? I want you to stop reading when I say the word “ADMIT” (ADMIT will be the word I will use to get you to stop reading throughout the article) and think about what you love to do in your free time or what you absolutely ADMIT someone might catch you doing, ADMIT. Did you do it? I hope so because the next one is about what you think your community might need and what you might want to change, ADMIT. Now, think of what you could do to help the community and combine what you think the community needs and what you love to do and think of the possibilities, ADMIT. If you can’t think of what I said up there, ↑ then I will list some ideas down here ↓


If you love to plant things and love nature, try…

  • Go out in your community and plant some trees or different types of local plants
  • Maybe go start a community garden at a local school or a sanctuary

If you love art and drawing, try…

  • Go around and ask people if they might want help painting pictures or drawing pictures for their business to help people see them
  • Paint/draw pictures and give them away to other people for free
  • Go and teach others how to draw/paint just like you

If you like to plan things and get together with different groups, try…

  • Go around and get together for a gathering for a grill out or something special with different groups
  • Visit different groups with your group and cheer them up

If you love to teach people about whatever you like and important things, try…

  • Go around teaching important lessons with your family or someone that would like to help you with this. Teach people about some important things that happen around the world