The Great Ram


Landon Brown, Cartoonist

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Off in the distance,

In a faraway land,

There lived a young goat.

His life was quite bland.

He spotted a man

Who looked to be buff.

He thought it’d be fun

To call his bluff.

He trotted on over

To this fine man

Who seemed to look down

On beings like rams.

His chin was quite large,

His eyes like gold.

His arms were like logs,

His features were bold.

As the goat stood upon him,

The man snorted and laughed.

But as the goat started charging,

He winced and gasped.

The man drew a great rod,

And the ram stopped in his tracks.

It was a steel shaft

Fitted with tacks.

He swung his large staff

And started to run.

The goat did the same,

He shot like a gun.

The collision was great,

There was a loud noise.

It was quite climactic,

It was in the mag Poise!

The dust did settle,

Not a creature dared move.

For the man was passed out,

Because the goat was so crude.

He stood as a victor,

A champion great.

He wallowed in glory,

A sandwich he ate.

He lived for a while,

As great mighty goat.

He had beaten a man,

You might want to note.

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