Cross Country

Jude Forrest

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There are many sports, from basketball to football, or Bowling to Hockey. But one sport most people forget about, is running! Sometimes outside, we challenge each other to races, to see how fast you are, or how much stamina you have. But, is there a team for this? Is there a sport that is just running, to see who is the fastest? Well your in luck!! Cross country has all of that covered! The cross country season starts at the begging of summer. You have two hour long practices a week (Tuesday and Thursday) for all of summer. The summer practices are more chill than when school starts up. At these you will simply run a certain amount of miles. Usually 2-6, and you get to choose how far you run.

As the summer progresses, the coach will up the minimum. However, by the end of the summer, everyone will be able to run 2 miles without stopping. During the summer, there are no races. Just practices. Whenever school starts up, its gets more competitive. The amount of practices each week is upped too 3 (With the additional on Monday) And there are races on Saturdays. At races all teams compete in a two mile race, first Boys varsity, then girls varsity, and finally Boys and girls JV.

At fall practices, we are broken up into groups, depending on skill level, and you do exercises with your group. Practice usually has a warmup, drills, a workout, a cool down, and stretches. Some workouts we do are speed, distance, ladders, and hills. Near the end of the season, there is a regional race. If we place top 5, we go onto the State championships. Our team has gone to state the past 15 times. Finally, after the state race in Knoxville their is a banquet, with tons of food and, yes, cake. So if you are interested, i’ll meet you on the course!