The Best Valentines Tech Gifts

Eli Moore, Entertainment Editor

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Got a special someone in your life? Do they like the most unique kinds of technology imaginable? Maybe you just want to treat yourself to something because you’re single. But whatever the reason, here are the five best tech gifts for Valentine’s Day.


  1. Koss PortaPro

The Best Gift for Headphone Addicts


This solid pair of headphones is a great option for your special someone who likes high-quality sound. They use a standard headphone jack for connection, and they sound incredible for their price. They’re also extremely comfortable for their price. So much so that you could wear them for hours on end and not feel them on your head. There’s also a sliding function, where they fold into a compact circle.


I’ve had my pair for around a week, and they’re perfect for long stretches of gaming or music.


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  1. Sandisk Clip Sport

The athlete’s music player.


Sometimes your smartphone isn’t adequate enough as your main music player. Sometimes you need a tiny package that is perfect for soccer practice, the gym, or just a casual stroll. With eight gigabytes of storage, it should be enough to hold your Imagine Dragons playlists and podcasts. Also, it is somewhat waterproof, meaning you can dunk it in a puddle and have it work fine.


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  1. Mini Arcade Games

Go retro.


Sometimes we all need a break. And if you want to test your thumbs on a device literally the height of five quarters, then this is the perfect device for you. There’s a wide range of games that you can toy with, including Frogger, Galaga, and Pacman. They’re also the perfect size for lockers, so if you want to snag a quick game break right before your next class, nothing’s stopping you.


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  1. Boogie Board Jot 4.5

For the notetaker.

Everyone is asked to take notes at some point during the day. And why not do it on this writing tablet? It comes with a pre-loaded stylus on a 4.5-inch display. Also, it’s rather compact, meaning you can throw it in a backpack or slip it in a shirt pocket. It’s also light and durable, meaning it’ll survive a drop or two onto tile. There’s a lot to like here, and is perfect for writing down notes, doodling, or just jotting down quick piece of information.


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  1. PasswordSafe

Your passwords in your pocket.


It’s all happened to us at some point. We’ve forgotten our password, and it’s no fun. We have to reset it, change it, and eventually, you’re left flustered. But with this tiny red computer, you’ll never have to forget a password again. It’s perfect for the forgetful person in your life, or for anyone who wants to stop using “1234” for everything.


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