What Are We Missing Out On?

Maxine Hutcheson

Some of you may be asking, “What do you mean, were not missing out.” And yes some of you aren’t missing out, but most are. Were not missing out on technology, and if you say you are that’s a lie cause your reading this. Were not missing out on education or food. The thing I’m talking about is outside. (The real one not your VR). Now before you click off thinking that this is going to be lecture about how you need to play 60 minutes a day, let me just tell you it is, but it isn’t. Because I am telling you to go out and play, (After reading this of course) but that’s not all this article is about. Now before you think you found a loop hole to the whole playing outside thing, you haven’t. By play I mean no phone, no tablet, no laptop, & no fancy computer set ups. A little music is okay but that’s it. As for the other part, it is a opinion from my point of view. When I feel like going outside, it doesn’t always mean going to the park or riding my bike or even going for a walk. Sometimes it’s just nice to go sit outside. Now, I know some of you are like “But what’s the difference of sitting outside and doing nothing and sitting in my room and doing nothing?” I’ll tell you, you get fresh air which is good for the headache you got from staring at screens. It can be nice to listen to the birds, or just laying there and saying to yourself what the clouds look like. You might look weird to neighbors and peers, but who cares? If you know me personally, you might think I’m the biggest hypocrite ever or might think that because I’m using a computer to type this. Well guess what, that’s kinda why I’m writing this. Not just to motivate others but myself too. So don’t feel bad about being inactive. All I’m saying is go out and do something. I don’t care if you decide to sleep in the grass, just go outside! Just make sure you do this when it’s nice out and there’s no tornado or anything like that, okay? This is Maxine Hutcheson signing off.