Is School a Good Idea?

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I think that school is good for you like healthy foods. Wait… I take that back. I think that school benefits you with your knowledge. I honestly like school. It helps me be more productive because lets be honest I’m really lazy. But school kind of helps me escape my family, but i don’t get to sleep in 🙁 . School should be longer like instead of  2 moths off, we should get one.  I know some of you reading this are like “no no no no” but honestly without school, most of us would be lazy all day, not know proper grammar, and wouldn’t know what 23+23 is. But we should have a longer school calendar because we need to know the real world a little better. One of the main reasons I like school is because I get to see my friends. Many kids hate school and could make an argument on why we should not have school. But think about it… we would not be in any of the clubs or sports we are in. Yearbook staff that would not be a thing. Newspaper… you would not be reading this right now. Cheer, you would not go out and do cheer. Football, you could not go out and hurt people. Soccer, you would not win. Drama club, you would not be able to act and so much more. This is why I believe we should have school.