5+ Reasons Why Black Friday is Awful



Emily Williams, Newspaper Staff

Thanksgiving is commonly known as a time of year when happiness is spread, smile is all around, and hope blossoms. Black Friday, though? Not so much. Sure–your favorite store might offer great deals, you can finally splurge for once in your life, and you can shop to your heart’s content–but it’s not as great as it’s made out to be. I’ve compiled a short list of the holiday’s flaws for entertainment purposes.



  • The lines are too long.


Most popular stores are packed on Black Friday, and almost reasonably so; prices are knocked down quite a bit, but lines of people wrapped halfway around Wal-Mart is about as far from reasonable as it gets. People flooding into the store isn’t exactly any closer, which brings me to my next point.



  • When doors open, people stampede inside.


A staple of Black Friday is any store that looks like a middle school hallway. People push each other over just to get inside the store. It’s almost crazy to think that billions of years of evolutionary advancement has brought mankind to this point. To be honest, this leaves me wondering what on Earth happened to civilization.



  • Violence ensues.


A lot of people will physically fight those who dare to compete with them in taking advantage of quality deals. This can go from tugging back and forth on a box or actually wrestling one another. As if this couldn’t be worse, this happens quite a lot, and at many stores, too. Again, what happened to civilization?



  • People actually think it’s okay to shop into the wee hours of the morning.


These days, stupidity can be found anywhere, but on Black Friday, people of low IQs are packed together like sardines. Sleep schedule? Nope. Relaxation? Nope. Stellar prices always come before health. (I’m being sarcastic.) Splurge all you want, though. I’m not one to discriminate. Shopping until 3 o’clock in the morning is quite outlandish, though.



  • People spend all their money on stuff they don’t need, and will most likely never use.


Seriously, when are you going to use any of this? Won’t it just cause your home to be more cluttered than it already is?


Black Friday might not be the greatest holiday, but at least we’re off school, am I right? If I left out anything you would like me to mention, feel free to let me know. This is Emily Williams from Algood Middle School Student News, signing off.