A fun story

Maxine Hutcheson

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I didn’t know what was going on, but I knew I had to leave…

“Grace, where are we going?”   

“To the new cafe. Remember Sage?”

“Oh yeah…”  

Grace didn’t hear the worry in my voice. I don’t know why but this new cafe felt off.  

“Ok, Sage. We’re here.”

I hopped out of her maroon jeep, immediately missing the air conditioning. We walked up the staircase and into the cafe. The cafe was called froggers and when I went in, I first thought I saw real frogs working. Turns out everyone just has a costume. A few minutes passed and a worker came to take our order.

“I’ll have a Sprite.”

“And for you?”

I don’t know what was going on but I just spaced out. I then felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Oh sorry, ummmmm I’ll have a Shirley Temple please.”

“Ok now. What’s going on with you Sage, you never act like this in cafes!”

Grace was right, it wasn’t just the cafe that was off… It was me.

“Sorry, Grace guess I’m just tired.”

“Well wake up! Come on this will be fun.”

Grace was right, I mean I should at least try to be happy. The waiter came back with our orders and said he wanted to show us something. We asked why and he replied

“The barista says he knows you from somewhere.”

He pointed his finger at me. I wondered “Who is this barista?”

“Come on Sage it’ll be fun.”

I figured if Grace was okay with it I should be too. The waiter took us to some type of door. It was weird because it felt familiar. He told us to go through and that he’d be back later.

“Come on Grace maybe we should.”

“Are you crazy?!”

“Well you implied I should have more fun, and this sounds fun.”

“Fine but if we die, I’m blaming you.”  

We open the door to find a large staircase, as we descend we start to look around and find it’s a tunnel.  We walk around and find it empty. About 5 minutes later the waiter came back. We go back and forth between the cafe and tunnel.
“Come on Grace we need to go. We’ve been here for 3 hours!”

“Just a few more minutes Sage.”

“That’s what you said an hour ago!”

“I mean it this time though. Please, Sage.”



We stay there for 30 more minutes and I decide to go explore the tunnel some more. By myself that is. I look around and I find a dog. I called out “Remy” and I don’t know why but the dog responds as if that’s his name. I get this feeling that the dog is trying to tell me something. I close my eyes to make sure I’m not dreaming but before I can open them I here a voice.

“I responded because my name is Remy. And you and your friend need to get out of here, now!”

Did the dog just talk to me?

“I did in fact. Well, telepathically that is. And I wasn’t joking, go get your friend come back to find me and get out!”

I didn’t know what was going on, but I knew I had to leave.  I rushed upstairs grabbed Grace and ran.

“Sage, what’s going on?”

“No time to explain come on!”

We’re halfway down the stairs and there’s a big shake.

“Sage we need to go back!”

Remy talks to me again and says don’t let her go, don’t go.


I grab her arm tighter send her out the door at the bottom and go find Remy. I find Remy on the other side of a large hole caused by the shaking.

“Remy, come here.”

He walks across the small ledge that’s still left and makes it before it breaks. We run out the door, and I feel nothing no pain, no sadness, nothing. All I know is Grace, Remy, and I are safe. I wish it to stay that way. I jolt awake and think what a weird dream. Yet we haven’t gone to a cafe again because of the dream. Even though it was a dream.