Smartphones At School: The Pros and The Cons


Eli Moore, Entertainment Editor

Smartphones at school have always been a hot-button issue for a lot of different schools across the country. They have presented the ultimate question: Should we allow them or not? And with the progressive measures the school has taken within the year, it has always been a topic of hot debate.

The Pros

For starters, it lets kids communicate with parents. Especially considering how every phone has a texting and calling app, it could be used to the advantage of concerned parents. Also, it gives them something to do instead of getting into trouble. They can’t graffiti the bathrooms when they’re too busy watching YouTube, I guess. This last point is completely theoretical, but with smartphones being entertainment centers, it could help kids get to know each other.

The Cons

With too much freedom, it could be taken advantage of. Considering how I have seen kids on social media (a school policy), it can show what happens when this freedom is put into the wrong hands. Another possible issue could be gaming. As we all know, Fortnite is currently sweeping the world by storm, and I see lots of people playing it on their mobile phones. But, that also has a game chat option, and it’s a bit creepy hearing forty-year-old men on the other end. But it’s not just Fortnite. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (or PUBG for short), has become the staple alternative to Fortnite and works smoothly on most Android devices. And it has game chat. And forty-year-old men still play it. Ouch.



While smartphones at school have pleased most people, I think it can be taken advantage of. In short, middle schoolers don’t exactly have the most dependability, and that’s merely my opinion.

And I can certainly say that I am now a target of angry middle schoolers.