Phones in School?!


Jude Forrest

Most of you probably already know about the recent changes in the technology policy at this school. You also probably have opinions about this policy. But in case there are any parents, others, or students that have been living under a rock reading this, here’s the gist of it: Basically, you can have your phone out any time between classes, at lunch or recess, during dismissal, and sometimes even in class.

So, with that out of the way, what do I think about this? You see, most of my friends and I don’t have phones. So when it was announced that we could use them a lot more..well…we didn’t really care. It wouldn’t effect us at all. Or so we thought. It did effect us. A lot. You see, at the start of the year, every one was on their phones. It was terrible!! Because of this, the 6th grade behavior in the cafeteria is getting worse and worse! One kid will be playing on his phone, and twelve kids will be standing up and watching him! I mean, what if there was an emergency!! How could Mrs. Darla or Mrs. Amy see it!! At recess I will see kids on their phones OUTSIDE!! It is state law that kids must get 90 min. of physical activity a week. Does being on your phone sitting down outside count?! Because last time I checked, Fortnite is not an exercise.

However, there is a reason. You see, on November 14, in Mrs. Melody Smiths RTI, we have been talking to Dr. Winningham himself about problems at this school. This was one of the main problems we discussed. He has been quoted of saying “At this meeting we decided to let kids have phones in between classes and at recess and lunch because this is how it is it the High school. We are trying to somewhat prepare you guys for the High school.” He also said that towards the beginning of the year everyone was going crazy about being able to use there phones in school, but now its been a lot better. I have to agree with him, it have eased up a little, but it is still pretty bad. Especially in my grade (6th).

But alas, I can’t change anything. But I can make my public service announcement: The new rule says you can have your phone out. It does not, however. Say you can have, Bluetooth speakers, walky talkies, headphones, computers, gaming consoles, etc. Because this is school, not an arcade. Personally, I don’t like the new technology rules. But I do know that many of you do, so I guess I will just have to live with it.

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