Christmas concert: Mrs. Duncan’s last one here

Dustin Clark

The band is having a concert here soon it’s the Christmas concert on the 11th of December and they’re working with the quoir, as the quoir sings the band will play. They won’t just play with the quoir they will also play by them selves I will interview Mr. Isbill and ms. Duncan 

Q.what do you feel about the Concert?    A.  Mrs.Duncan says shes exited and ready. Mr. Isbill said he is proud and amazed how well 6th grade learned to play in 14 months

Q.What songs are you playing?  A.  Band will play the national anthem and some Christmas songs. Band and Choir together will perform Sea to Shining Sea

Q.Are you playing anything  different than normal?  A.  Mr. Isbill will not do anything new with 6th grade, but 7th and up will do new stuff.

Q. How does it feel having your last concert?  A. Mrs.Duncan says it will be exiting and emotional.