5 Movies For Thanksgiving 2018

Eli Moore, Entertainment Editor

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Well, Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and it’s only a matter of time until Christmas movies will be blaring on television sets across the nation. But now, we must enjoy the brief moment where we can stuff cranberry sauce and turkey breast down our throats, and enjoy these five Thanksgiving movies.


  1. Free Birds


Released in 2013, it did quite well at the box office, even though the reception for it from critics was moderate. The plot follows two time-travelling turkeys, as they go back in time to prevent the consuming of turkeys on Thanksgiving. Although the plot may seem nonsensical to adults, it has plenty of bright visuals to keep the kids entertained.


  1. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving


This one takes it back. Back to 1973. This classic portrays the Peanuts having some shenanigans in trying to orchestrate a Thanksgiving feast. Although I personally think the special is boring, plenty of families will chomp down on turkey to this one.


  1. Addams Family Values


This dry-as-toast live action film takes the Thanksgiving family film to the extreme. With the focus of the film being a pageant telling the Thanksgiving story, hilarity ensues. This is a great film for any family who is nostalgic about the 1990’s, or any family who wants a morbidly dark comedy that’s appropriate for the kids.


  1. Home For The Holidays


At first glance, this appears to be a Christmas movie, although, it actually tells the story of a dysfunctional family trying to survive the Thanksgiving holiday without tearing each other apart. This movie stars Robert Downey Jr., the same guy who plays Iron Man, and his performance seals it as a great family film.


  1. Garfield’s Thanksgiving


I consider this the best animated special for Thanksgiving. It combines some funny characters with the aspects of a cheesy 1980’s Thanksgiving special. I also think the plot line of the Orange Blob going on a diet quite comical.


That wraps it up. Those are my top choices for Thanksgiving 2018, and hopefully, you’ll enjoy these movies, too.